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How to Buy a Garage Door 

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If you have a garage and you store important things in there, it should have a secured door. Garage doors optimize the safety and security of your garages. That’s why it’s important that you take note of the things you should remember when purchasing a high-end garage door. The basic thing you can do is researching more about it. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to buy an overhead door OKC.

Garage Door

Upgrade Insulation 

There are available garage doors that have upgraded insulation. But that upgraded feature has also additional cost. So before you purchase one, try on upgrading the existing insulation of your garage first. When it comes to insulation, the garage door is more effective if it has the R-value. Once you upgrade to Intellicore insulation, the value will increase to R-18. You will save a lot on your energy bills by doing this.  

Beware of Wood Doors 

The typical garage doors we see on houses are made of wood. This material has its durability on its own, but it won’t give you the security that the garage needs. It will cost you time and money for the maintenance, especially that the color will fade overtime. Its natural finish will fade, so you have to reapply necessary coating. Having wood doors would really bring style to your garage, but you have to sacrifice on the maintenance part. If you really want the wood garage door, just choose the faux wood-grain finish.  

Invest on Beefier Springs 

One of the most important components of a garage door is the spring. This component helps the door to slowly go up or down when you close or open the door. The most common used spring is the coiled torsion spring. If you want a spring that has many cycles, invest in one that has over 10,000 cycles or more. These cycles will run out after 4 years, which is not that much. Beefier springs have 20,000 cycles, which will last for 8 years. This is also a durable spring, which will save you money from investing on replacement or repair.  

New Opener 

If you have a new garage door, invest on a door opener too. You can ask your contractor to have it installed together with the garage door. If you have an old door opener, it will likely to fail. It’s no use if you have a new garage door but your opener is already aging. This will only lead to accidents and injuries. Having a new garage door opener installed together with the door will save you money. You’ll get a discount if you purchase both.  

Door Design 

Another thing to consider is the design of the garage door. If you want it to have the same theme with the overall feature of your house, you can do so. Manufacturers actually use software that will assist you on finding the best garage door design. You’re just going to give them the photo of your garage, and their software will give you the color, features and style that match the garage.  

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